Transformative Communication: Mastering the Most Important (and Under Developed) Skill

E3 Solutions

In this workshop members will:
  • Learn how to communicate with power and raise energy levels.
  • Identify communication goals and how they relate to others.
  • Discover their core message and create an ideal image of themselves as dynamic communicators.
  • Devise a plan to raise their communication energy.
  • Recognize how listening more to themselves can raise their energy and improve their communication skills.
  • Identify internal and external barriers to listening.
  • Understand the four dimensions of listening and their impact on others.
  • Discover how to access a form of listening that leaves others feeling more emotionally connected and understood.
  • Estimate their public speaking energy level and how that affects them and those with whom they interact.
  • Recognize the interrelated nature of voice, delivery, and energy as it relates to presenting.
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