The Fast-Track to Success: Aligned and Energized Team Building

E3 Solutions

In this workshop members will:
  • Define positive, healthy relationships, and explore their current relationships’ energy levels and its effect of on their energy.
  • Assess how they would like to move forward with key relationships in their lives.
  • Identify which relationships are missing that they would like to create. Analyze the impact of these gaps and create a plan to fill them.
  • Determine what percentage of their energy falls into each energy level and brainstorm how they can release catabolic energy and increase higher anabolic energy levels.
  • Reflect on the anabolic and catabolic traits we see in others, recognizing the mirror that relationships hold to ourselves. Release related catabolic energy.
  • Consider resources to increase existing anabolic relationships and determine plans to do so for key relationships in their lives.
  • Recognize which of their relationships are catabolic and the destructive impact they have on their lives and assess five methods to address them.
  • Consider how the your team members’ energy levels can be maximized for different team needs and how that energy can be elevated.
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