20 Keys to Engaging Millennials

Posted on January 03, 2017 by Ascanio Pignatelli | 0 comments

According to Gallup:

  • Millennials are the most likely generation to switch jobs
  • Six in 10 millennials are open to new job opportunities
  • Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workplace

A lot of leaders I speak to find managing and engaging millennials the toughest part of their job. They're often frustrated and disappointed with their performance calling them:

"impatient and entitled know-it-all's, who care more about FaceBook than their work."

And while it is true that millennials are the least engaged generation at work, it is also true that the problem could be easily remedied if managers made a few workplace adjustments and adopted a more coach-centric leadership style. That's what I took away after interviewing 16 leaders in the HR and employee engagement field. I specifically asked them:

“Why are companies struggling to engage millennials and what do you suggest?”

Here are their 20 key takeaways, (The full article is here):

  1. Maintain ongoing conversations
  2. Provide them with opportunities to learn and grow
  3. Hold them accountable
  4. Check-In with them daily
  5. Act more as a coach/mentor
  6. Give them regular feedback that is helpful and constructive
  7. Listen
  8. Involve them in decision making whenever possible
  9. Be empathetic
  10. Recognize their accomplishments
  11. Find out what motivates them personally
  12. Try to make their work more flexible and interesting  
  13. Integrate the needed technology
  14. Make sure they find value and meaning in their work
  15. Create an empowerment-based work culture
  16. Offer them perks that resonate
  17. Keep an open floor plan
  18. Encourage team bonding activities
  19. Maintain open lines of communication
  20. Help them map their careers

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Ascanio Pignatelli helps Fortune 1000 companies unlock the full promise, energy and creativity of their millennials. Ascanio is an award winning speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, and author of the forthcoming book “Engaging Millennials: How to attract, retain and fully engage the most talented millennials." His company E3 Solutions helps executives improve their leadership and communication skills to create more engaging workplaces.



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